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MITM99 Photo Album



What you see are a group of great people having lots of fun! To view a larger image, click on the picture. Use the BACK key to return to this page.

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Waiting for Arrivals


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Dana, Cindy, Small Human with Large Supersoaker, and onlookers

tcp00157.jpg (22484 bytes)

Cindy and Debra

tcp00158.jpg (17556 bytes)

Dennis Peterson with the Slug Sign for Eddie

tcp00160.jpg (18823 bytes)

Steph and Pooder

tcp00161.jpg (15920 bytes)

Stroker Ray

tcp00162.jpg (23571 bytes)

Slug Camp

tcp00163.jpg (23994 bytes)

Uh..I hate to tell ya, Dennis, but they don't have those in Mick's Lake!

tcp00164.jpg (19968 bytes)

My sister, Wild Flower (Kathy Fetzer)

tcp00165.jpg (17641 bytes)

Bill Berg

tcp00166.jpg (40707 bytes)

Kathy and Bill Berg (nice necklace, Bill!)

tcp00168.jpg (47914 bytes)

Cuda wondering who she can talk into getting a beer for her

tcp00169.jpg (22718 bytes)

Dale Reitz

tcp00171.jpg (18206 bytes)


tcp00172.jpg (25567 bytes)

Steve Tuttle posin' but not waving

tcp00178.jpg (20531 bytes)

JW, Fire Nazi Ohmer, ?, and Dave "Weinie" Warner

tcp00173.jpg (17998 bytes)

Clustering near the beer

tcp00174.jpg (19208 bytes)

Dale and Redbeard Emeritus

tcp00177.jpg (26526 bytes)

HDKen in front of the Houlibago trailer

tcp00180.jpg (24676 bytes)

A winsome of Wenches(tm)

tcp00182.jpg (26052 bytes)

Be forewarned:  Do not sleep in public at MITM!  (If he wasn't the former BOTY, he'd be in trouble!)

Front: Cuda, Penny, Thumper, and Red.   Back: Donna, Dana, Cindy, Debra, and Heidi. Pretending he's still asleep:  NBCK

tcp00185.jpg (24002 bytes)

BOTYs:  Thumper 98-99, NBCK 97-98, Penny 95-96, Sparky 96-97

tcp00186.jpg (24722 bytes)

Wenches and Bitches (and a few Assholes).   Front L-R: Cindy, Cuda, Alpha, Thumper, Penny, Sparky.  Back L-R: Dana, Heidi*, Debra D, Wild Flower, Red, Lady Jane, Donna

tcp00188.jpg (11600 bytes)

Same group, SFSF :)

tcp00189.jpg (21964 bytes)

Paula:  why Cheezie's so happy

tcp00190.jpg (23598 bytes)

Watchin' the tat contest

tcp00191.jpg (19599 bytes)

Barry Matthew's wedding bands

tcp00192.jpg (19464 bytes)

Wild Flower's broken-winged butterfly

tcp00196.jpg (19505 bytes)

A Clench of Assholes(tm)

tcp00199.jpg (17393 bytes)

Senor Conecabeza, Asshole #10

tcp00201.jpg (22942 bytes)

The infamous Asshole(tm) dance

tcp00202.jpg (18925 bytes)

Rear view

tcp00205.jpg (19201 bytes)

10,000 comedians outta work...and we get these three!

tcp00206.jpg (21425 bytes)

Everybody gets a hug...except Tiger Bob, who got stuck holding a torch

tcp00211.jpg (19845 bytes)

Prizewinning Tattoo on a lovely Lady Red

tcudan39.jpg (22304 bytes)

Big Easy and Cuda, inspecting the shade.

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