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Carb Chains!

I'm always looking for inspiration and new things to try. That's why I was delighted recently when I visited a gallery show and was inspired by the work of a fellow artist. I took her idea and changed it a little, tweaked it here and there, and used different materials.

Then I came up with a spiffy name and my own color schemes. Here's the result!

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The "frilly" carb chains are made with sterling silver wire and Japanese glass beads!

Sporty Rainbow

Rainbows:  Who can resist the colors of the rainbow?

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans:  Goes with everything!

By the Sea

By the Sea: Calypso! I love the ocean colors in this one.

Fade to Black

Fade to Black:  BOC, what more can I say?

Go for the Gold

Go for the Gold!:  This one is special. I used 20k Gold-Filled wire to make the coils and antique Czech bronze-lined beads. It's very rich!

Not everything is frilly and I made carb chains for those with tastes for things that are bigger! These are made with heavier silver wire and Japanese cube and triangle beads!

Purple Passion

Purple Passion:  Wild Flower wants this one in the worst (or best?) way!

Icy Glare

Icy Glare:  Especially great with darker skin!


Surge: The color reminds me of one of my favorite soft drinks.


This page was last updated on July 31, 1998.

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